About CES



Collaborative Equity Solutions supports educational leaders as they address complex issues related to educational inequity. Founded by Dr. Eddie Fergus, CES builds on 20 years of research outlined in his fourth book Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: A Leader’s Guide to Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds (Corwin, 2016). 


Our values

Our values are based in the belief that educational environments should provide healthy opportunities for children and youth  to thrive. CES values: 

  1. Acknowledging the effect of systemic oppression.
  2. Promoting opportunity for cross-cultural development.
  3. Understanding the complexity of inequality requires multi-prong policy and practice remedies. 


How We Work

CES offers a variety of in-person and virtual support to partners including: 

  • In person coaching 
  • Professional Development Offerings
  • Equity Audit of System Readiness for Reform