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Purpose of Consulting clearinghouse on systemic Disparities



Collaborative Equity Solutions (CES) operates as a consulting clearinghouse of evidence and practices that support educational leaders to address complex issues related to educational inequity. Founded by Dr. Eddie Fergus, CES builds on 20 years of research outlined in his fourth book Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: A Leader’s Guide to Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds (Corwin, 2016). The book focuses on the underlying bias-based beliefs that give permission for the types of policies and practices that lead to disproportionality in special education, discipline and advanced program enrollment (i.e., gifted, talented, AP, and honors). In order for educators to continue the work of unraveling the policies and practices that lead to such disparities and replacing them, their needs to be simultaneous unraveling and replacing of the bias-based beliefs that gave permission for the policies and practices to be developed and implemented. 

CES as a clearinghouse provides the links to research and evidence based tools and resources to conduct the unraveling and replacement work. 

The Need: Ongoing Presence of Disproportionality


Black and Latinx students have limited Alebgra I courses available!

Data from CRDC points to availability of Algebra I courses and passing such courses disproportionately impacting Black and Latinx students. 


Male and Black students referred for discipline most often!

Data from CRDC points to male and Black students this includes students with disabilities being disproportionately exposed to disciplinary action in and outside of school. 


Addressing Disproportionality Requires an Evidence-based Approach

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